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Site Update 1.8

Version 1.8 changelog:

Added more responsive support on layout. Navigation menu got new text shadow. Adjustment on text size and borders. Tons of improvements to small size devices.

New comments system. Can now sort newest, oldest and best. Guest posting allowed unless too much spam. Can register and change avatars. Might add facebook login later on.

Page headers
Removed border radius. Changed to 100% width.

6 new backgrounds. All section backgrounds are now fixed with cover size. Removing the resolution issue of backgrounds.

New Hr background.

Added new countdown script for Legion and patch releases. Title and Caption is now centralized. Reduced font size. Adjusted padding and margin. New text shadow.

Buttons & Pagination
Added more fantasy stylish buttons. New Pagination buttons. Added text shadow to paginations. Increased font size.

Pve Guides
Updated the guides for Legion. Added links to old WoD guides (new button). Author link button. Right stats (enchants, food etc) got new layout. Graphic background and new text colours. New icon for the rotation list numbers (1-6). Added icons for cooldowns list.

Create guide
New create raid guide background with button. Changed layout of "guide details" and added more images and options.

Raids default page
Added Legion and Warlords of Draenor header backgrounds. Boss Guides list now got menu list background button. Increased line-height. Added text shadow. Improved difficulty ribbons quality. Added the new create raid guide background with button.

Raid guides
Added more map details. Added more summary information. Updated guide difficulties. More icons and improved the layout. Added text shadow white. Changed some backgrounds. Positions Map is now 100% width.

Replaced the "items" button to the fantasy one. Added background to "modal" new window.

Added a new background and improved the borders. New text shadow.

Added raid instances for Legion

Added tooltip to races and added alliance & horde race colours and backgrounds.

100% width. Covers the entire row. New social icons.

Board Statistics
4 new icons. Moved text to text align right.

Improved security on forums. Removed so bot guests cant post anymore topics/replies.

Announcement bar
Added new announcement bar.

Forums & Topics
Added new backgrounds with hover backgrounds. Odd and even rows got different backgrounds. Makes the forum less white and more stylish.

Borders & Buttons
Added more borders and buttons. Changed several border colours.

New link colours and hover. Changed some of the text colours.

Added text shadow to options and votes text. Progress bar got now borders and improved colouring.

Avatar images have limited max width and height. No longer messy when small.

Added many new forum icons. New forum thread icons. New avatar icons.

Added more responsive support. "All forums" will only show Forum and last spot.

In tables removed the borders to seperate tds. Added bottom border line for table headers. Board statistics same as main homepage. Search got a new layout, added new header background, changed width on icon, some text changes. Increased text size on small text. Forum tables added backgrounds for odd and even rows. Search added border lines. View topic added row hr. Forum index changed layout of latest date post and forum links. Profile page been updated, added border lines and new backgrounds..

Buttons & Inputfields
Added box shadow with focus colours. Search button have the same background.

Forum & Character Avatars
Added new borders and removed white padding. Profile page on view topics have been revamped.

PM & Topics profile
Changed colour on buttons for pm and email.

Board statistics
Fixed url link to user profile.

Changed to mysqli connection.

Changed position of picture and content.

Raid boss guide list
Changed border to 3px solid and new colour.

Changed margin top and bottom distance.

Changed to capitalize format.

Labels & Headers
Changed to capitalize format.

Changed to capitalize format.

Changed to capitalize format.

Changed to capitalize format. Increased font size.

Increased font size. New colours and borders.

Increased font size. Added font weight bold on selected.

New link "site updates". Fixed some link url errors.

Text Shadows
Improved the text shadow effects.

Site Update 1.7

Version 1.7 changelog:

Admin panel
Fixed url errors. New backgrounds with caption information. Added new success, warning, danger, info backgrounds. Improved layout on forms, divs, tables and overall views. Added priest logo icon. Fixed scanner and backup functions. Added system diagnos.

Added priest artifacts list for discipline, holy and shadow with images.

Updated login function, now works with the new forum! Added messages and important notice fields. Edited all the links to direct correctly. Fixed character profile information. Added achievements link and changed link colour. Fixed my profile url link. Added more padding on profile panel. Added new circle icons.

News comments
Added space between how many comments and 2nd section.

Fixed colour for H3 & H4. Added new css layout for comments, new background, new borders and better type face. Reactivated Captcha.

Navigation menu
Added a priest large wow europe class icon as extra white background. Added white text shadow. Added more margin bottom. Dropdown links got border increased.

New stylish fantasy buttons for links buttons and input submits with hover effect.

Board statistics
Added new widget on index page with board statistics and who's online.

Write a guide
Added headers ribbon backgrounds. Improved the overall layout. Added more fields to "the guide part 3". Fixed type errors.

Raid guides
New "create a guide" image link.

New button.

Added new bullet navigation icons.

New forum platform!
Created a new forum platform in JQUERY and PHP, thats interegated with main website. Fully responsive support! Classic categorized forum layout with unique priest theme. Many functions such as PM & Email, Armory profiles, Avatars, Profiles, Watch Forums, RSS-feed, Userlists, Admins/Moderators, User Ranks, Who is online, statistics, latest topics and much more!

New background. New link colours and other layout changes.

New border backgrounds.

Vote & Who's online
New backgrounds images. New borders and added new button for who's online members. Changed colours and added text shadow.

Logo & Error 404 page
Added new forum logo and new error 404 page image. Added opacity background to 404 error page.

User profile
Added dragon armor background to Section header. New background for subheaders (left panel).

Added 50 new icons. New "all members" icon, New topic icons.

User ranks icons
Added new user ranks icons.

User panel
Added priest large priest class icon with chains background.

Text shadows
Improved text shadow layout. Made it two layers more spreaded, one dark and one light.

Show topics
Removed small text on user link.

CSS Layout
Changed input fields border colours. Removed borders for all members button. Fixed the background colour and border for profile page.

Top bar
New background.

New post icons.

WoW Api
Corrected the connection array with

Improved responsive support. Bug fixed for cellphones.

404 page
Fixed search function.

Added more padding to caption. Moved caption title and subtext higher up.

Latest forum posts widget
Fixed author creator username showing issue.

News comments
Removed requirement to login.

Some of the artworks are copyrighted by blizzard and respective creators.