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Year 2016

7.1.5 is live! Nighthold is out!

Jan 29, 2017

7.1.5 is live, visit this official blizzard website for patch notes.

The new raid is finally opened!
Nighthold is located in Surumar. It will contain 10 new challenges.
You can read more about the raid and raid schedule (for mythic and lfr) from official blizzard website.
Class guides are on the way to be updated. Raid guides will be up shortly for Nighthold normal/heroic.

Making changes to the website from now on updates to website will be posted on our "updates" page. You can find it in the menu under news.

Year 2015

Autumn news, tons of changes!

Oct 26, 2015

Greetings, we have been busy this Autumn with updating the site.
We upgraded the forum platform, more responsive support!
We also got a brand new admin panel, making it easier for admins to control our website(s)! We will upload screenshots later on for you to see.

The site have been updated to 1.6 featuring:
- Edge browser fixes.
- New search engine.
- Improvement to upload script, requires user confirmation to avoid spammers.
- New ribbons, icons, images, backgrounds and layout improvements!
- Improvement on overall layout, news articles, tabs, sections etc.
And much more ...

We're preparing for Legion, as you can see on our main site. We will update information as soon as blizzcon arrives!

The Legion returns!

Jun 30, 2015

6.2 brings the player new raid content (Hellfire Citadel) and a new zone. New shipyard to the Garrison for the new Raid cache. It also brings the legendary ring to a closure. 6.2 patch notes!

Spoiler Video! Archimonde death cinematic. Defeat of Archimonde.

Site have been updated to 1.5 (largest update done) and improved the layout and graphics of the site and forum.

Gul'dan is back!

Mar 07, 2015

6.1 is out and the defeat of Blackhand strikes the Iron Horde leadership badly. 6.1 patch notes!

Check this vidceo for a new cinematic from the Legendary Ring questline (Spoilers obviously).

Site have been updated to 1.4 and added many new functions to the site layout, forum platform, guides and much more.

Blackrock Foundry

Jan 29, 2015

The battle for defeating the Blackrock clan and Blackhand begins on wednesday the 4th february!

The raid will contain 10 new bosses and as before lfr wings, normal, heroic and mythic.

We're prepared with new splended guides and updated to 1.3 with many new functions and forum platform update!

Year 2014

Just one week to raids!

Nov 28, 2014

Preparation are made. Guides are being posted as we speak!

Don't forget to make your gear raid ready!

630-640 ilevel is suggested for heroics. (the new normal)

WoW 6.0.2 is out!

Oct 20, 2014

Wonderful news! 6.0.2 is finally here!

So many changes to our class and I most admit I love the new healing both as holy and discipline!

To celebrate this huge update the site have been updated to version 1.2!
The major changes are new layout on several pages, new backgrounds/images, 200+ new icons, layout & style improvements, new scripts, forum changes on layout & style, improved the character armory integration and much more!

A complete change list can you find on read more link bellow.

Preparation for 6.0

Oct 05, 2014

Greetings my fellow priests!

The site has been updated to 1.1, plenty of improvement have been made.
It's now responsive supported (works on any resolution and devices). Improvement on layout, new pages, new Graphics/interface, forum integration, information and plenty of new Icons.

A complete change list can you find on read more link bellow.

We're preparing for the WoD launch. Guides will be up ones the raids are released.

Welcome Priests!

Jul 27, 2014

Welcome beloved priest gamers!
The site has finally launched for the public! :)

Hope you enjoy the site!
We'll start pulling out guides for current and the upcoming content in Warlords of Draenor.

Some of the artworks are copyrighted by blizzard and respective creators.