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During the beginning of World of Warcraft I raided from start hardcore and went for Realm Firsts on the server Bladefist. Got Ragnaros, Nefarian, C'Thun realm firsts. With Naxxramas 40 man I only got 7 bosses down due to guild change which wasnt as hardcore as my previous one.

The Burning Crusade

In TBC I went back to hardcore raiding started off very good. Got SSC and TK cleared before nerfs and MH attunement completed so got my Hand of A'dal title! MH and BT got cleared before nerfs and sunwell 2 bosses.

Wrath of the Lich King

Ulduar I managed to get the meta mount achievement completed on 10 man when it was live. And then all the hardmodes on 10/25 man. Even went for no keepers up! In trial of the grand crusader I got the 25 attempts left feats of strength. Sadly in Icecrown I went from a decent guild to medicore and the progress went downhill.


Cataclysm was a nightmare from start. It went better when I reached Firelands and got 6 hc down and some good attempts on raggy hc sadly no kill. Then in dragon soul finished it off good with 25 man cleared hc with 5% buff and 10 man 5% buff.

Mist of Pandaria

Started slow due to a dying server (Deadfist - Bladefist). So did several server migration and tried out different realms. Now I finally got where I wanted at Kazzak and getting somewhere. Working on Siegecrafter and the remaining on heroic and preparing for expansion!

Warlords of Draenor

Highmaul cleared swiftly on normal and heroic. Kargath down on mythic. Blackrock Foundry 6 mythic. Hellfire Citadel 9 hc the first week and 10 normal.

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