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Holy priests are excellent in two ways. One is for raid healing, plenty of alternatives when it comes to raid healing and cooldowns.
The second one is tank healing. You can switch to increase your output for quick direct healing on tank and your hots.

Holy priest is for the player who enjoy more direct healing than atonement.

Stats Priority & Reforging:

Multistrike > Intellect > Mastery > Crit > Haste > Versatility


Intellect is your primary stat. It increase spell power.


Each direct heals will place a HoT on the target. The HoT will increase the more mastery % that you have.


Chance to double your damage/heals casting spells. Mastery will also benefit.


Haste lowers the cast time and reduce your global cooldowns and adds additional hots. Your renew will increase in ticks.


Versatility increases your damage, healing, and absorption done and decreases damage received.


15 - Trail of Light

Personal pick Trail of Light as its very handy for dual tank healing. But also other raid members. Enlightmenment might be handy on longer encounters as the mana might be completed.

30 - Angelic Feather

Angelic Feather can be helpful on most fights that requires quick respond on movement, when players need the extra speed. As you can place up to 3 feathers you can plant them for several players and keep focus on healing. Make you the ultimate runner!

45 - Afterlife

Afterlife increase your Spirit of Redemption by 50%.

60 - Symbol of Hope

Symbol of Hope will make your raid happy that you keep as cooldown ready for your raid. It will make the mana consument much more easy going. Guardian Angel can be handy if your assigned to tank healing as extra cd.

75 - Surge of Light

Surge of Light still strong for raiding. Will save you tons of mana. Binding Heal might be handy on certain fights where your in charge of mechanics that ticks damage.

90 - Divinity

Best value is Divinity. More healing output. Halo best pick if your raid is spreaded and heavy damage output in short burst. Divine Star if stacked for the same reason.

100 - Apotheosis

Apotheosis is my favourite pick for encounters with tons of damage. Circle of Healing can be good but the mana cost could be tricky.

Rotations & CDs

Tank & single target Healing

  • On low damage: Use Heal together with Renew ticks. You could also throw in Flash Heal together with Surge of Light proc.
  • On high damage: Use Holy Word: Serenity.
  • Keep Guardian Spirit ready, if the damage is too much for your tank. Better with living tank than dead tank.
  • Bounce around Prayer of Mending as a filler.

Raid healing

  • On low and medicore damage: Heal, Holy Word: Serenity, Circle of Healing (if talent) and bounce around prayer of mending. Halo or Divine Star could be handy on fights where it's handy.
  • Heavy damage: Use Holy Word: Sanctify placed on a location with 6 members of raiders or melee/tank spot. Good for group healing.
  • Prayer of Healing (for heavy raid damage).
  • Don't forget to use Divine Star or Halo depending on your pick.


  • Symbol of Hope if you selected tier IV talent. Cordinate with the other healers before use. Make most effective usage of this.
  • Guardian Spirit is the life saver, normally placed on tank on very high burst spike damage as a last resort to prevent a wipe.
  • Divine Hymn is the holy priest best cooldown. Used on very intense damage situations. Usually the raid leader calls for Divine Hymn in a healing rotation.


  • 1x Saber's Eye of Intellect
  • Masterful Shadowruby


  • Mark of the Trained Soldier
  • Binding of Intellect
  • Binding of Mastery


  • Nightborne Delicay Platter


  • Flask of the Whispered Pact

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