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While other healing classes focus more on direct healing and hots the Discipline Priest will go a different path.

In Legion Atonement healing (damage spells that heals friendly applied target with HP) will be your new primary healing.

Divine Aegis have been removed and mastery no longer increase your shields power. That means shielding no longer will be your highest healing resource.

Discipline Priests are for those who want variety and like to do both tank, raid healing and damage. Every fight can be different of how your rotation will be and how to use cooldowns to maximum your healing.

Stats Priority & Reforging:

Intellect > Haste > Crit > Mastery > Versatility


Intellect is your primary stat. It increase spell power.


Haste reduces CD (shields), GC, cast time. Increases ticks from your dots and Mindbenders amount of strikes.


Chance to double your damage/heals casting spells. Atonement healing won't be doubled, it they only heal for the amount of damage done. The damage you do can be critical which will increase the healing done for Atonement.


Increase your atonement healing.


Versatility increases your damage and healing done, also decrease damage received.


15 - Schism

Damage to target, and increase shadow damage taken for 6 secs, nice for atonement healing.

30 - Angelic Feather

Angelic Feather can be helpful on most fights that requires quick respond on movement, when players need the extra speed. As you can place up to 3 feathers you can plant them for several players and keep focus on healing. Make you the ultimate runner!

45 - All useful

These talents are situation based. The Shining Force might be handy on knocking back tons of mobs/adds. So it all depends on the fight and situation.

60 - Shield Discipline

Shield Discipline the best pick for raiding, lots of shielding will help your mana. Mindbender is more handy for 5-man dungeons such as mythic.

75 - Power Infusion

Depends on the encounters. Power Infusion is more handy on encounter where theres no spike damage. Helps your damage and reduce your cooldown. Good combo with Rapture and/or atonement healing. Twist of Fate on the other end, whenever you heal a player with 35% or less hp you gain 20% more healing/dmg for 10 sec. Twist of Fate is suitable on heavy damage fights where you know players will go bellow 35%.

90 - Halo

Halo and Divine Star is your best pick as Shields been nerfed. Clarity of Will might be handy if your set for tank healing duty. Halo best pick if your raid is spreaded.

100 - Purge the Wicked

Grace is better for tank/single target healing. Purge The Wicked is better if its AoE encounters or multi targets. Your new ability (replaces Shadow Word: Pain) Purge The Wicked will apply the dot to another nearby enemy target.

Rotations & CDs

Tank & single target Healing

  • Atonement! Grace Talent will be handy if your assigned to tank duty.
  • Keep Power Word: Shields up all the time you can.
  • Use Plea and Shadow Mend to re-apply your atonement stack. You could also use Power Word: Radiance to quickly apply to 3 targets, will cost you mana but effective for 5-man dungeons.
  • Also use Shadow Mend for high damage situations and as emergency healing.

Raid healing

  • Atonement! But keep in mind on heavy AoE fights you need to change into shielding and other sources.
  • Power Word: Shields spam together with Rapture (shields has no cd).
  • Power Word: Radiance will heal 3 targets, good when your solo healing a group.
  • Halo best for spread fights. Divine Star for stack healing.


  • Always keep Purge the Wicked up.
  • Schism on cooldown (Will increase your damage).
  • Penance on cooldown at the target with Purge the Wicked dot. It will apply a secondary dot on closest target.
  • Smite whenever you can as a filler.


  • Rapture removes your shields cd. Good for quick shielding up the raid for incoming heavy aoe damage.
  • Pain Supression should be saved for tank giving them an additional CD to be used to save them from dying at spike damage.
  • Power Word: Barrier is your best raid cd to be used. It prevents casts from being interupted while standing in the bubble and reduce the raid dmg sever.


  • 1x Saber's Eye of Intellect
  • Quick Dawnlight


  • Mark of the Claw
  • Binding of Intellect
  • Binding of Haste


  • Azshari Salad


  • Flask of the Whispered Pact

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